What’s MUSE?

MUSE is a Magazine for UNIL Students of English. It is a magazine by students for students and staff as well.

The magazine was created in September 2009 by Sarah Jones Moloney. First coming out only in print several times a year, MUSE fully entered the 21st century with the creation of its very own website in 2014. From then on, the editorial committee has alternately published a web and a print issue of the magazine. The publication schedule and frequency has varied slightly over the years, but ever since 2016 MUSE has consisted of a web issue that comes out in the autumn semester, and a print issue that is published in the spring term.

Any comment you would like to make can be passed through our contact form. Many thanks!

If you wish to contribute, check out our info sheet to know all the steps to join us!

With love,

The MUSE team


Disclaimer: all opinions expressed within MUSE articles are those of their authors, not of MUSE or Unil’s English department or any of its members

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