Welcome to MUSE!

MUSE, or the Magazine for Unil Students of English, is a student-run magazine whose aim is to publish and showcase the multiple talents of the members of the English department at the University of Lausanne. Each academic year sees the publication of two editions of MUSE: one online version in the Autumn semester (which includes no length or number restrictions whatsoever), and a print version in the Spring semester (that limits authors to 1000 words in total).

MUSE is happy to publish basically anything as long as it’s written words in English. So go bananas! If you’re fed up with the sight of the four same walls, if you have done all the studying you can possibly stomach for the next several months, or if you simply have words exploding like fireworks in your mind, now is the time to grab a pen or your computer and get writing. From short stories to poems, articles about a topic you are passionate about, recipes, book and film reviews… if you’re writing it, we want to publish it!

If that sounds like fun, send your contributions to our email address: muse.unil@gmail.com. And please write to us if you have any questions!

We look forward to hearing from you, and to reading all of your amazing pieces!

The MUSE Team