PhD/Postdoctoral position in Statistical Genetics

Background: The Statistical Genetics Group of Zoltán Kutalik at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine of the University Hospital of Lausanne is investigating the genetic architecture of complex human traits and diseases. In particular, we develop methods tailored to discover gene-environment interactions, parent-of-origin effects, causal impact of molecular phenotypes, allelic heterogeneity, rare (copy-number) variant associations etc. Via longstanding collaborations we are fortunate to have access to several large cohorts with genomic-, transcriptomic- and metabolomics data. We have developed an extensive web of collaborations both in Switzerland (UNIL, EPFL) and abroad (University of Exeter/Edinburgh/Bristol/Regensburg, etc.). Our group is also member of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

Prerequisites: We are interested in recruiting a talented and highly motivated individual with MSc/PhD degree in statistics / mathematics / bioinformatics / computer science / physics. The ideal candidate should have

  • strong background in statistics and data analysis combined with decent programming skills (R or Matlab preferred; python, C++ are a plus)
  • past experience with (human) genetic data and some knowledge of metabolomics data analysis; experience in methylation-chip analysis is a plus
  • good communication skills and excellent command of English (French is a plus)

Tasks: The candidate will be responsible for

  • developing methods for causal inference and their software implementation
  • leading collaborative research on identifying predictive metabolomic biomarkers for T2D
  • discovering genetic markers with parent-of-origin/environmentally-modified effects

Contract: For PhD students the contract is for 4 years. For post-docs the initial contract is for one year with possibility of extension to 3 years. Salary is ~50k CHF/y (for PhD student), ~85k CHF/y (for post-doc).

TO APPLY: Please send your CV and (tailored) motivation letter by 15 July 2018 to Zoltán Kutalik by email (

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