Fabio Oriani

KEYWORDS: rainfall simulation, stochastic hydrology, multiple-point statistics, remote sensing, climate change.


My research work regards the development of multiple-point statistics (MPS) techniques for the stochastic simulation and uncertainty analysis of rainfall and hydro-climate data. Integrating principles of geostatistics, data-mining, and image analysis, MPS allows simulating the output of complex processes, relying on data-pattern analysis rather than statistical laws. This approach finds application to processes exhibiting complex data structures that are difficult to model with parametric techniques. On the other hand, it raises the challenge of finding the appropriate setup by integrating multiple sources of information, benefiting of the expert knowledge in the field of application, and last-generation data products.


After graduating in geo-sciences at the University of Milan, I have studied geostatistics and stochastic hydrology in the research group of Prof. Philippe Renard, at the Center of Hydrogeology in Neuchâtel. After my PhD, I have collaborated with developers and practitioners at different research institutes, including the Water Research Center (WRC, Sydney) and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS, Copenhagen). I am currently part of the GAIA group at the University of Lausanne.




University of Lausanne,
Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (IDYST),
UNIL-Mouline, Geopolis,
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland