The research group is affiliated to the University of Lausanne, Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (IDYST), and is mostly supported by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), with also grants from the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT), and the National ICT Australia (NICTA)

  • Gregoire Mariethoz (Professor Assistant, UNIL)
  • Fabio Oriani (Postdoc, UNIL) – MPS, rainfall simulation, hydrology and hydrogeology.
  • Lionel Benoit (PhD Candidate, UNIL) – Rainfall measurement and stochastic space-time simulation/interpolation.
  • Mathieu Gravey (PhD Candidate, UNIL) – GPU-based topography point clouds completion methods, remote sensing images colorization.
  • Luiz Gustavo Rasera (PhD Candidate, UNIL) – geostatistical topography downscaling and data fusion.
  • Inigo Irarrazaval (PhD Candidate, UNIL) – Subglacial channels modeling with inverse methods.
  • Elisa Giaccone (PhD Candidate, UNIL, main supervisor: Christophe Lambiel, part of the Integralp project) – Interactions geomorphology/plants/permafrost in alpine environments.
  • James Thornton (PhD Candidate, University of Neuchatel, main supervisor: Philip Brunner, part of the Integralp project) – Hydrological and hydrogeological modeling in alpine environments.
  • Moctar Dembele (PhD Candidate, UNIL, main supervisor: Bettina Schaefli) – Hydrology and remote sensing for water accounting.

Former group members

  • Qiyu Chen (former PhD Candidate, UNIL / China University of Geosciences) – Geological stochastic modeling method for the Quaternary sedimentary system 3D geological stochastic modeling method for Quaternary sedimentary systems.
  • Juan Carlos Castilla (former PhD Candidate, UNSW Australia and researcher at CSIRO) – Agents-based models, uncertainty in hydrogeological models, climate change.
  • Xue Li (former PhD Candidate, UNIL / University of Science and Technology of China) – Development of geostatistical simulation algorithms.
  • Ehsan Baninajar (former PhD Candidate, UNIL / Sahand University of Technology, Iran) – Automatic parameterization of MPS methods.
  • Kashif Mahmud (former Former PhD student at UNSW Australia, now postdoc at University of Western Sydney) – Multiple-point geostatistics, texture synthesis, upscaling, multivariate analysis, karst modeling.
  • Sanjeev Jha (former postdoc at UNSW Australia, now Assistant Professor with IIT Bhopal) – Downscaling of hydrological data, 3D geological modeling under structural heterogeneity and variable connectivity, river sedimentary processes and bathymetry.