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    Marc-H’s Corner

    • UAV-LiDAR – Benchmark of 3 systems
      In March 2023, Li Fei, Ludovic Baron, Aurélien Ballut and Marc-Henri Derron (Institute of Earth Sciences-UNIL) went with Marissa Koopman and Quentin Milliet (Forensic Sciences-UNIL) for one day acquisition with …
    • New course: From Outcrop to 3D Model
      A new course, From Outcrop to 3D Model, is proposed to graduate students in geology from ELSTE. This course links structural geology with 3D data acquisition techniques, such as laser …
    • Geochemistry of Swiss bottled waters
      Paper published in french  with an extended abstract in english reproduced below. Reference:  Sahli V. & Derron M.-H. 2019, Hydrogéochimie des eaux minérales suisses en bouteille. Bulletin de la Société …

    Jabo’s Corner

    • CV M. Jaboyedoff
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    • Hydrological Risk: Landslide
      Excerpt from the full article: Casagli, N., Guzzetti, F., Jaboyedoff, M., Nadim, F., Petley, D., 2017. Hydrological risk: landslides. In: Poljanšek, K., Marín Ferrer, M., De Groeve, T., Clark, I. …
    • Mapping and Monitoring of Landslides using LIDAR
      Abstract : During the past 20 years, the fast development of several remote sensors (e.g. Optical imaging, LIDAR, RADAR, etc.) assembled on satellite, aerial or terrestrial platforms is changing our …

    Manu’s Corner