Workshop 10 years FGSE-UNIL

“Linking sustainable development, global migration, climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction – Identifying emerging issues”

02-04 December 2013 (University of Lausanne, Quartier UNIL-Sorge, Bâtiment Amphimax, Switzerland)

Workshop objectives

  • To explore scientific and practical inter-linkages between these four domains that are shaping current international and national policies: sustainable development, migration, disaster risk reduction, climate change;
  • Create a dialogue based on science, methodologies and practices among UNIL-FGSE academic staff members, students, UNIL-FGSE alumni and external experts from Switzerland and abroad through case studies and practices on how these issues are linked in the field;
  • Showcase current research of the UNIL-FGSE faculty members and students related to this topic and its societal value, and
  • Explore emerging issues in this field to inform future research and projects at UNIL-FGSE


Please find here the speaker’s presentations and discussions.

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Public debate

The workshop concluded with a public debate on the topic “Climate Risks, are we ready?” – organized by the UNIL public communications team. It convened a panel of experts who debated the topic from various perspectives: urban risk management, global risks, legal and institutional issues and local government planning. The debate was well attended by UNIL students and the general public. The debate was moderated by the journalist Silvio Dolzan (RTS), and the panel of experts was composed by Nadia Benani (SDC), Michel Jaboyedoff (UNIL), Eric Leroi (Director of Risk and Development), Cornelis Neet (General Director of Environment, Vaud), Alain Papaux (UNIL) and Pascal Peduzzi (UN).