Welcome to the website of the Risk Analysis group of the Institute of Earth Sciences of the University of Lausanne. This group is part of the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment, and replaces the former Institute of Geomatics and Risk Analysis (IGAR).

Our research focuses on the study of natural hazards and risks induced by surface and atmospheric phenomena, and their perception and impact on society. Our work combines fieldwork, in-situ and remote techniques investigations, laboratory experiments and numerical modelling in order to characterize soil and rock degradation, alteration and dismantling; mainly in the Alpine chain. A better understanding, quantification and forecast of mass wasting processes and related risks in mountainous areas help improve decision making processes, crisis management and disaster risk reduction to build disaster resilient communities. 

Teaching activities include BSc and MSc and level classes at the University of Lausanne regarding natural hazards and risks assessment, risk management, communication, quantification and monitoring. Members of the Risk group also participate in the organization of international conferences, short courses and doctoral schools.

  • Welcome OBDA Oussama
    Hello, my name is OBDA Oussama, PhD student from Abdemalek Essaadi university (Morocco), working on landslide mapping and slope dynamic investigation. I had the opportunity to be part of the ...
  • UAV-LiDAR – Benchmark of 3 systems
    In March 2023, Li Fei, Ludovic Baron, Aurélien Ballut and Marc-Henri Derron (Institute of Earth Sciences-UNIL) went with Marissa Koopman and Quentin Milliet (Forensic Sciences-UNIL) for one day acquisition with ...
  • Laser scanning at le Locle
    On 28 March, the risk group was back again at Le Locle for some laser scanning of the quarry des Granges. Three Lidar systems were used, one terrestrial Lidar from ...