Main research themes

Our research focuses on the analysis of every type of rock mass and slope instabilities, such as : 

  • Rockfall
  • Landslide
  • Debris flow
  • Rockmass stability in tunnels
  • etc. 

On areas considered at risk, we estimate the susceptibility of instabilities, describing possible scenarios of failure limits and volume and propagation runout. Those scenarios are based on lithology, topography, joints organization, geomechanical studies and the geological history of the considered area. 

When accidents occur, it is also the occasion to study and understand the instability mechanisms to foresee possible future instabilities and recommend possible mitigation measures. 

Our group uses a very wide range of remote sensing techniques to study instabilities, at different scales, from satellite data to geological fieldwork acquisitions. We try to facilitate and improve the processing and the analysis of 3Dpoint clouds from SFM or LIDAR acquisitions, by developing new tools and software. 


PhD theses

Master works