PimpMyRockyfor is an ArcGIS toolbox designed to prepare the input data for Rockyfor3D (http://www.ecorisq.org/ecorisq-tools). Since Rockyfor3D needs a set of ASCII rasters, PimpMyRockyfor prepares the ASCII files from two inputs:

  • A shapefile containing the parameters needed in the attribute table
  • A DTM

The toolbox automatically produces ASCII grids with the same extent (defined by the extent of the shapefile) and resolution (defined by the user). It also includes a function to convert all the ASCII grids created by Rockyfor3D into TIFF files that can be loaded directly in ArcGIS.

Installation and use

In the Arc Toolbox, right-click and select “Add Toolbox…” and select the toolbox suitable for your version of ArcGIS. An empty shapefile is provided with the toolbox. It is recommended to edit this shapefile since the toolbox depends on the exact field names. To avoid overlapping polygons, we suggest to create a polygon of the entire study area and to use the “cut polygon” tool to divide the study area into homogeneous zones.

The user is required to select a working directory where two folders will be created: one containing the ASCII grids and the other containing TIFF grids. In Rockyfor3D, you’ll have to select the folder containing the ASCII grids.

PimpMyRockyfor needs a Spatial Analyst license.


PimpMyRockyfor is distributed under a beerware license. No warranty is made by the University of Lausanne for the functioning of the software and no responsibility is assumed by the University of Lausanne in the use of this tool.


There is no formal ongoing support for this freely distributed public domain software. However, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the author (pierrick(dot)nicolet(at)unil(dot)ch).

Download: PimpMyRockyfor (updated 29.08.2014)