Lab equipment

The RISK group owns a large variety of the latest remote sensing devices. They are aimed at assessing gravitational movements and their risks in large and/or remote areas. Combined with traditional geological surveys, they help understanding naturalhazards and  preparing risks and propagation scenarios. 


Among the techniques and tools available in the RISK group, we can mention : 

  • Lidar devices from different brands (Optech, Leica, Riegl, Geoslam) and for several ranges of activity,
  • GB-Insar, 
  • Drones and software to process Sfm, 
  • Topcon GPS receivers and total stations, 
  • Thermal and hyperspectral cameras, 
  • Go pros, macro cameras
  • ZSTM-3 Soil Sensor (ZATA
  • ZDM100 Disdrometer (ZATA

The group also owns tools for conventional geological surveys such as : 

In the laboratory can also be conducted a variety of experiements. We indeed also have for instance a climatic chamber to simulate weathering impacts on rocs, shear stress machine,… 


If you are interested in the use of one of those machines or techniques, feel free to contact us !