UAV-LiDAR – Benchmark of 3 systems

In March 2023, Li Fei, Ludovic Baron, Aurélien Ballut and Marc-Henri Derron (Institute of Earth Sciences-UNIL) went with Marissa Koopman and Quentin Milliet (Forensic Sciences-UNIL) for one day acquisition with 3 different systems of laser scanning from drone. The idea is to compare these 3 systems, in terms of operability, handiness and quality of deliverables.
The systems compared are: 1) a drone ricopter with lidar Riegl Vux1-LR, 2) a Yellowscan system composed of drone DJI M600 with a lidar Riegl mini-Vux, 3) a DJI drone M300 with a lidar zenmuse L1. It is to our knowledge the highest concentration of lidar drones ever ! Data are being processed.