Slope Tectonics 2008

The purpose of the meeting is to look at how Slope Tectonics has progressed recently. Slope tectonics is dedicated to the analysis of structures induced and reactivated by slope  movements.

A great number of data around the world now documents this domain, which has been updated thanks to hazard mapping at a local scale. New technologies, such as Lidar DEM, have made structural analysis easier.

Main topics for the congress are:

  • Slope induced fabrics
  • Mapping of conjugate fracturing in hard rock slopes
  • Slope folds
  • Soil gravitational structure fabrics
  • Slope surface characterization
  • Fault gauges induced by Slope movements
  • Regional scale gravitational movement (up to mountain range collapse)
  • Failure and pre-failure
  • Deposit structuration
  • Fabrics development modelling

Advisory Commitee

  • Dr. L.H. Blikra Geoscientific leader Åknes/Tafjord project, Stranda Norway
  • Ch. Bonnard Independent expert, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Prof. A. Braathen University of Bergen and University Centre in Svalbard, Norway
  • Prof. M. Chigira Kyoto University, Japan
  • Dr. J. Coe U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO, USA
  • Dr. R. Couture Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
  • Prof. G.B. Crosta Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Italy
  • Dr. M.-H. Derron Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), Trondheim, Norway
  • Prof. S.G. Evans University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Dr. C.R. Froese Alberta Geological Survey, Edmonton, Canada
  • Dr. I. Henderson Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), Trondheim, Norway
  • Dr. V. Labiouse EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Prof. J. Locat Université Laval, Québec, Canada
  • Dr. A. Saintot Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), Trondheim, Norway
  • Prof. D. Stead Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada

Local Commitee

  • Prof. M. Jaboyedoff IGAR – University of Lausanne
  • Dr. J.-L. Epard IGP – University of Lausanne
  • MSc. T. Oppikofer IGAR – University of Lausanne
  • MSc. A. Pedrazzini IGAR – University of Lausanne
  • MSc. P. Horton IGAR – University of Lausanne

Detailed program: 2008_SlopeTectonics