New publication on Marjum Formation radiodonts

Published today in the open access peer-reviewed journal PeerJ, a collaborative work on Marjum Formation radiodonts involving Allison Daley and lead authors Stephen Pates and Rudy Lerosey-Aubril (Harvard), along with Javier Ortega-Hernández (Harvard), Carlo Kier and Enrico Bonino (Back to the Past Museum). This Cambrian (Drumian) lagerstätten is located in the House Range in Utah. Our publication quadrupled the diversity of known radiodonts from the Marjum Biota, including the genera Peytoia, Caryosyntrips and Pahvantia, as well as a completely new taxon Buccaspinea cooperi. Some serious eye candy in this publication, with lots of radiodont fossil photos and a gorgeous paleoart reconstruction of the Marjum Formation seafloor by Holly Sullivan ( Check out the paper at :

Artistic reconstruction of the Cambrian (Drumian) Marjum biota in the House Range of Utah, USA, including radiodont components.
http://www.sulscientific.comCredit: Holly Sullivan (