Harriet B. Drage

Research Interest

Harrie (she/elle/sie) is a Postdoctoral Researcher, with a PhD in Palaeobiology from the University of Oxford (2019), and a Master’s degree in Palaeobiology with first-class honours from University College London (2014). Between her PhD and postdoc positions, she spent three years working in science education publishing for Oxford University Press, lastly as a Commissioning Editor. She is highly involved in palaeontological society work, as an elected member of The Palaeontological Association Council and the SCNAT Commission, and is an Associate Editor for the Swiss Journal of Palaeontology. Her research can be divided into two main strands, united in reconstructing the ecologies and behaviours of extinct euarthropods, and their contribution to the group’s modern-day dominance. Firstly, she works on understanding the evolution and importance of euarthropod moulting behaviours, with an emphasis on the Palaeozoic fossil record, and is working towards the development of a database with public user interface recording all known euarthropod moulting data. This work is highly multidisciplinary, incorporating genomics, transcriptomics, and evo-devo techniques with fossil data. Secondly, she applies digital engineering methods to reconstruct the ecologies and behaviours of extinct euarthropods, including application of fluid dynamics simulations, laboratory groundtruthing studies, and planned development of novel methods integrating wave physics. Her work requires extensive collections work, specimen model digitisation, statistical analysis, coding, and database design. Get in touch if you’re interested in any of these topics!


Euarthropoda, moulting, behaviour, Trilobita, Cambrian, Ordovician, morphometry, Computational Fluid Dynamics


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