Masters students

The ANOM Lab is happy to welcome Masters students from the ELSTE joint Masters programme between University of Lausanne and University of Geneva, and the Master of Science in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation at UNIL, as well as hosting Masters internships and project from international students. Please contact us if you would like to do a Masters project in the ANOM Lab.

Aline Marcionetti-Rusconi

After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Neuchâtel, I have continued my studies at the University of Lausanne. I am currently a master’s student (Master of Science in Behavior, Evolution and Conservation). My Master project is linked to the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment. It’s based on arthropod fossil preservation in the Fezouata Biota with experimental taphonomy approaches. The aim of the project is to interpret the decay state of arthropods at the Fezouata Biota by comparison with decay experiments on modern arthropod analogues in different environmental conditions and at different developmental stages. The project will last two semesters, starting in Februrary 2021.

Joanna Lambelet

I did my bachelor’s studies in the University of Lausanne, in the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment. I am currently doing a master in sedimentology at the ELSTE (Ecole Lémanique des Sciences de la Terre) which is an association between the universities of Lausanne and Geneva. For my Master project I decided to study the ecology of sponges from the Cambrian called Archaeocyatha. The method consists of measuring the size of outer wall pores from some archaeocyatha as they are filter-feeders. Then I compare the obtained data between different taxa, different localities in a same country and different country. This project should last one year, from June 2021 to June 2022.