Gaëtan Potin

Research Interest

My PhD focus is on the evolution of Radiodonta. I joined the ANOM lab as a master’s student, from the University of Rennes 1, working on the diversity of the frontal appendages of radiodonts from the Fezouata Lagerstätte in Morocco. My PhD is following  on from my master’s project to get a better view of the history of this important early Paleozoic group. During my PhD, I will be using different methods in statistics, taxonomy and phylogeny to provide additional information on the role of Radiodonta in the evolution of arthropods and more generally during the Cambrian Explosion and the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event (GOBE). At the same time, I am working as the Fezouata collection manager and as an assistant in the taphonomy lab.


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