Fieldwork and research

Fieldwork is integral to the research undertaken in the ANOM Lab. Our paleontological expeditions have the aim of examining fossil material and understanding the geological context in which these fossils are situated. Collections of fossils from localities may be made, to preserve the diversity of material at a certain locality. Other times, the fieldwork may examine the sedimentology and/or stratigraphy of the fossils, their geographic extent, or the conditions of their preservation. Currently, much of our research fieldwork is focused on the Cambrian and Ordovician strata in the Anti-Atlas region of Morocco, especially the abundantly fossiliferous Fezouata Shale and some of the earliest known trilobites from the Cambrian. Involvement in previous fieldwork include expeditions to the Emu Bay Shale in Australia, the Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and visits to key sites in the Chengjiang Biota of China, the Holy Cross Mountains in Poland, and the Cambrian strata of Sweden.

Research fieldwork images

Fieldwork and Teaching

Fieldwork is also an important component to the teaching done in the ANOM Lab. Field camps occur as part of the Bachelor in Geology and the ELSTE Masters in Earth Sciences. Localities for field schools include the Jura region of Switzerland and Gemmipass in the Swiss Alps, as well as international camps to fossil lagerstätten in southern Germany and to the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland.

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