All productions produced in the framework of the P8 Digital Skills - Future University project are available in open access and can be used freely.

In order to facilitate their use at universities throughout Switzerland, translations are provided where possible.

The project is subdivided into development axes associated with different audiences.

Area 1 - Teaching

1.A Teaching Framework
Identify the digital competences needed to teach at Swiss universities and colleges (HES/HEU) on the basis of the European DigCompEdu reference framework.

1.B Resources
Inventory of existing resources at the CSE and EDUDL+ and make them available to the university community.

2.C ADP - Agile Development Pathway
Hybrid training based on the DigCompEdu reference system.

Axis 2 - Study

2.A Kaïros platform
Learning platform including a digital skills development curriculum based on the European DigComp reference system.

2.B Certification, valorisation
Choice of certification of different types of digital skills acquisition devices.

2.C Learning Framework
Identify the digital competences needed to study at Swiss universities and colleges (HES/HEU) on the basis of the European DigComp reference framework.

Axis 3 - Community

3.A Numéri-Labs / Digi-Labs
Experimentation space to integrate digital tools in practice.

3.B OER – Open Educational Resources
Identification or development of a repository to share resources for teaching and learning with digital technology.

3.C Conferences & Workshops
Cycles of conferences and associated workshops given by digital specialists.

Axis 4 - Management

4.A White paper and institutional maturity matrix
Decision support to guide university and college management in the development of digital competences in higher education.

4.B Self-positioning grid
A tool to assess its positioning as an institution.