PAD Training

Developing digital skills for teaching

The PAD training courses, which stand for Parcours Agile de Développement (Agile Development Path), are a series of hybrid modular training courses (5 modules), combining different learning methods: asynchronous "APPEL" online learning and synchronous learning in the form of in-person and/or distance workshops.

The PADs are geared towards three distinct audiences from universities and hautes écoles/Hochschulen:

  • teachers
  • assistants
  • educational advisors and engineers

The content, activities and themes are selected and adapted to the needs of these different audiences within three distinct tracks:

  • Teachers - Reflecting on teaching with digital technology
  • Assistants - Introduction to teaching with digital technology
  • Educational consultants and engineers - Supporting teaching with digital technology

Retrouvez les coulisses de la préparation des PAD en photos.


The total workload for each PAD varies between 10 and 15 hours for the core course, not including the additional resources available to participants wishing to go further into certain themes.

The asynchronous workload (APPEL) of a PAD will vary between 5h and 7h, and the synchronous workload will represent between 6h and 8h.

  • APPEL are 60-100 minutes of individual asynchronous, online work.
  • Workshops are 120 minutes when delivered face-to-face and 90 minutes when delivered remotely.

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