Teaching teams

The project for teachers is entitled :
Reinforcing digital skills for teaching.

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This area aims to empower teachers in the production of digital resources and in the design and delivery of hybrid or fully distance learning courses that support high-quality learning.

A number of actions are taken to achieve this objective.

  1. Framework for teaching
    A reference tool for teachers is being developed by members of the team: inspired by DigComp, and updated in line with new needs.
  2. Auto-positionnement sur les compétences numériques
    This tool has been developed to assess teachers' abilities in relation to the teaching reference framework. It also provides resources by level.
  3. Conferences and workshops
    The conferences and workshops offer the views of international experts on specific issues relating to digital education.
  4. Numéri-Labs
    Training in the use of digital tools for educational purposes is provided.
  5. PAD
    The Agile Development Paths offer an innovative training method.