White paper

A "compass" to guide your institution

Decision support to guide university and college management in the development of digital competences in higher education.

First step: an institutional maturity matrix

The institutional maturity matrix aims to provide governance with tools on all the dimensions to be considered when designing, developing or reorienting a project in line with the institution's strategic objectives.

It enables the identification of the obstacles and levers for achieving the operational objectives and aims more specifically to

  • identify the intrinsic dimensions of a project to develop digital skills for teaching and learning
  • position the level of maturity of its institution on each of the dimensions of the project,
  • facilitate observation, goal setting, planning, prioritisation, self-evaluation and analysis of skills development schemes across a range of dimensions.

Piloter le développement des compétences numériques pour enseigner et apprendre dans l’enseignement supérieur. Une matrice de maturité institutionnelle, 2022

Step two: a white paper

The white paper addresses in ten chapters the issues related to the institution's key areas: strategy, impact on the organisation (finance, IT, HR), digital skills repository, valorisation, evaluation...


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