The P8 Digital Skills project "Future University: developing digital skills of teachers and students" is jointly led by the University of Lausanne (leading house) and UniDistance Suisse / FernUni Schweiz.

The project's organisational structure is composed of a steering committee, an executive committee and an operational committee.

Project management

Dr. Emmanuel Sylvestre, Project Leader
Director of the Centre de soutien à l’enseignement, CSE, UNIL

Specialist in higher education pedagogy and the evaluation of educational systems, he supports his institution in its strategic choices relating to the development of digital skills for teaching and learning. He participates in various interest groups on these issues at national and international level (EUA, UNICA, AIPU, ADMEE-Europe, QPES, etc.).

Pr. Jean-Michel Jullien, Deputy Project Manager
Head of Educational Development Unit in Distance Learning EDUDL+, UniDistance Suisse

As a specialist in systems and digital engineering for teaching and learning in higher education, he helps institutions to define their strategic orientations, then designs and leads projects and actions to achieve the set objectives. In the field of university teaching, his areas of interest are the quality of hybrid and distance learning, the quality of training programmes and the use of reference systems.

Executive and operational members

Marine Antille
Deputy Director, CSE, UNIL

Maud Aspart
Pedagogical advisor, CSE, UNIL

Trainer of trainers, specialist in training engineering and communication (oral, written, digital), she accompanies teachers in their reflection on the use of digital technology in the design of devices and the conduct of teaching projects.

Ambroise Baillifard
Scientific collaborator in instructional design, research and development, EDUDL+, UniDistance Suisse

His missions are divided between research activities, support for teaching teams and the development of an individualised learning platform. This last activity mobilises collaborators whose skills lie at the crossroads of IT, pedagogy, didactics, design and translation. 

Mélanie Bonvin
Scientific collaborator, EDUDL+ UniDistance Suisse

Natalie Bornet
Specialised collaborator for training and support on educational platforms, EDUDL+, UniDistance Suisse

Henrietta Carbonel
Scientific collaborator in instructional design, research and development, EDUDL+, UniDistance Suisse

As a specialist in digital education, she supports teaching teams in the design and implementation of distance learning. In her research, she is interested in the distance university of the future, the representation of distance presence and post-digital teaching spaces.

Marta Dados-Ribeiro
Educational designer, CSE, UNIL

A specialist in educational technologies and language teaching, she has worked on several educational projects in the public and private sector in Switzerland and abroad.

Frédéric Gaillard
Research and development computer scientist, EDUDL+, UniDistance Suisse

Vincent Groff
Specialised collaborator for training and support on educational platforms. Communication manager of the P8 Project since September 2023.

Cosette Josseron
Educational designer, CSE, UNIL

Pierre Leroy
Multimedia producer, CSE, UNIL - until 30.06.2023

Emilie Lettry
Educational designer, CSE, UNIL – until 31.12.2022

Florent Meylan
Graphic & Interactive Media Designer, CSE, UNIL

Gaëtan Moerman
Collaborator, CSE, UNIL

Annabelle Peringer
Project Coordinator & Communications, CSE, UNIL & EDUDL+, UniDistance Suisse - until August 2023

As a specialist in digital communication and digital project management in the media, culture and university sectors, she has worked on several national and international projects in the field of digitalization.

Jonathan Rey
Educational Computer Specialist, EDUDL+, UniDistance Suisse

Valentin Tanniger
Educational project manager, CSE, UNIL

Alice Thurre-Millius
Collaboratrice scientifique : ingénierie pédagogique et compétences numériques, EDUDL+, UniDistance Suisse

Jean-François Van de Poël
Deputy Director, CSE, UNIL

As a specialist in the field of educational technologies and digital applications in higher education, he assists his institution in the development and implementation of its digital strategy in relation to teaching and learning. He represents UNIL in the Education Technologies Working Group of Switch and is also a member of several associations (EUA, AIPU, zoom EMEA).

Cindy Zen-Ruffinen
Collaboratrice scientifique : ingénierie pédagogique et support numérique, EDUDL+, UniDistance Suisse

Comité de pilotage

Emmanuel Sylvestre et Jean-Michel Jullien sont assistés, dans le comité de pilotage du projet, de :

Dr Giorgio Zanetti
Vice Rector "Teaching", UNIL
Full professor in medicine, Faculté de biologie et médecine

Dr Damien Carron
Directeur Services académiques, UniDistance Suisse

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