Le projet commun de I’UNIL et UniDistance P8 Digital Skills – Future University est subdivisé en workpackages, pour lesquels sont prévues différentes actions et réalisations à destination des étudiants et étudiantes, des enseignants et des institutions.

clavier, tablette et stylo digital

Workpackage 1 - Steering and animation

Definition of the project's axes and actions, to be translated into deliverables.
Project management, recruitment, mandates, annual reviews and evaluations of the systems.
Publication of a white paper for the governance of HES/HEU.

Workpackage 2 - Competence frameworks

Creation of a repository of digital skills for teaching and learning, based on the European DigCompEdu and DigComp repositories, adapted to Swiss HES/HEU.

Workpackage 3 - Assessment of competences

Definition of an assessment framework for digital skills for teaching and learning.
Creation of resources to assess the digital skills of teachers and students.

Workpackage 4 - Competence development

Development plan and production of resources for the acquisition of digital skills for teaching and learning.

Workpackage 5 - Communication and valorisation

Creation of a visual identity for the project and its achievements.
Information and communication of the project to various target audiences.
Dissemination in higher education institutions through a series of seminars as well as in national and international conferences.