One of the axes of the project is aimed at students :
Reinforcing digital skills for learning.

bureau avec feuilles, surligneur et smartphone

The project aims to develop the digital skills necessary to participate in hybrid or fully distance learning in the best conditions, to collaborate, to reinforce learning and to develop digital autonomy. It aims to develop digital skills in the five areas defined in the European DigComp.

A number of actions are taken to achieve this objective.

  1. Reference framework for studying
    Team members are developing a reference framework for students, based on DigComp and updated to meet new needs.
  2. Auto-positionnement sur les compétences numériques
    This tool has been developed to assess students' abilities in relation to the reference framework for learning. It also provides resources by level.
  3. Kaïros Learning Platform
    A learning platform is being built, which takes some of the ideas from other available platforms such as Pix and TOSA, and improves on them.
  4. Numéri-Labs
    Training in the use of digital tools for educational purposes is provided.
  5. TRAIN
    The TRAINs are round-table discussions with a panel of experts on a range of subjects linking education and digital technology.