Cycle of conferences and workshops

Offered as part of the P8 Future University project supported by swissuniversities, this series of lectures and workshops is aimed at members of the teaching and educational support staff of UNIL, UniDistance Switzerland and all universities and colleges in Switzerland and elsewhere.

The conferences take place either in Brig or in Lausanne in a hybrid format, on-campus and at a distance. They are followed or preceded by on-campus or hybrid-online workshops.

Agenda of 2024's conferences and workshops

Agenda des evenements et formations

26 and 28.02.2024 - Hiba Asri at the UNIL (FR) and at UniDistance Suisse (EN)

Workshop - Using IA in Higher Education for Multiple Choice Questions

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM - Workshop

2023 Past conferences

07.12.2023 – Yannick Rochat à l’UNIL, Lausanne

Penser et intégrer le jeu vidéo dans sa pratique enseignante

9h-10h30 Workshop – 11h-12h30 Conférence

27.10.2023 – Rolf Kruse à l’UNIL, Lausanne

Opportunities and Challenges of Virtual & Augmented Reality in Higher Education

9h-10h30 Workshop – 10h50-12h20 Conférence

27.09.2023 – Rikke Toft Norgard à UniDistance, Brigue

Hybrid teaching and learning

9h-10h30 Conférence – 10h50-12h20 Workshop

11.05.2023 – Claude Savard à l’UNIL, Lausanne

9h-10h30 – Conférence en bimodal simultané
« Apprentissage expérientiel et utilisation du numérique en enseignement »

10h50-12h20 – Workshop
« Penser, concevoir et mettre en œuvre des apprentissages
expérientiels qui impliquent le numérique »

23.02.2023 – James Lamb à UniDistance, Brigue

9h-10h30 – Conférence en bimodal simultané
« Integrating digital technologies in my teaching within the new spatial dimensions of learning spaces »

10h50-12h20 – Workshop en présentiel
« Provocations around digital technologies and education »

Conférences de 2022

09.06.2022 – Emily Nordmann à UniDistance, Brigue

« Lecture recordings: why, when, how »

27.04.2022 – Jen Ross à UniDistance, Brigue

« Contact works in multiple ways: online learning communities in higher education »