Tabea Cache

PhD student (doctoral assistant) since February 2022.

About me

After graduating from Imperial College London with an MEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a year abroad at ETH Zürich, I joined the Hydrometeorology and Surface Processes Group in October 2021. I am currently studying the impact of climate change on the geomorphological response of a Swiss pre-alpine catchment due to alterations in precipitation properties. I will contribute to the ‘Rainfall and Floods in Future Cities’ project as part of my PhD by developing a new urban weather generator model, investigating the characteristics of compound climatic events that trigger urban floods and exploring how urban development and climate change will impact floods in future cities.



Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (IDYST),
UNIL-Mouline, Geopolis, Office 3141
University of Lausanne,
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland