In our group, we develop models that can be used to study past, present, and future climate impacts. The models are all open-accessed and are available for non-commercial use.

  • An Encoder-Decoder LSTM model for flood prediction in un-gauged catchments
  • MPS-based precipitation spatial downscaling model: a downscaling model that enables preserving the precipitation spatial structure
  • The AWE-GEN-2d model: for stochastically simulating climate variables at high space-time resolution
  • The HiReS-WG model: for stochastically simulating 2-dimensional convective rainfall fields
  • The SQM model: enables the intensity and spatial modifications of precipitation fields
  • The TENAX model: enables the generating of IDF curves for the future climate using temperature as a covariate
  • The TENAX-CDS model: enables generating design storms to fit climate-modified IDF curves in a physical manner