Group Profile

Hydrometeorology and Surface Processes

In the Hydrometeorology and Surface Processes group, we are mainly interested in exploring the effects of climate on hydrological and morphological systems at various spatial and temporal scales using experimental field sites, numerical models, and remote sensing data. We conduct hydro-meteorological research on a wide range of topics, which include:

  • Hydrology of rural and urban catchments, from runoff analysis to groundwater recharge estimation
  • Climate change impacts at local and regional scales
  • Examining hydrological and climatic extremes, with a focus on extreme rainfall events and floods
  • Evolution of landscapes and fluvial processes, with emphasis on hydro-morphological responses to rainfall and climate change
  • Precipitation remote sensing by weather radars
  • Stochastic climate modeling using 2-dimensional weather generators 
  • Downscaling climate variables from large scale to local scale
  • Analyzing the uncertainty associated with hydrological and climate modeling