The HiReS-WG model

The High-Resolution Synoptically conditioned Weather Generator (HiReS-WG) is a stochastic rainfall model that generates rain fields with a substantial proportion of convective features. The rain fields are generated based on the empirical distributions of the rainfall characteristics subjected to the classified synoptic system. The model is composed of four modules: (1) synoptic generator; (2) motion vector generator, i.e. advection component; (3) convective rain cell generator; and (4) low-intensity rainfall generator. HiReS-WG is parsimonious in computational demands and is encoded in Matlab.

Stochastic weather generator
An example of the convective-cell generator product.


Peleg, N. and Morin, E., 2014. Stochastic convective rain‐field simulation using a high‐resolution synoptically conditioned weather generator (HiReS‐WG). Water Resources Research, 50(3), pp.2124-2139.