Need help?

If you are a PhD student or member of mid-leval academic staff at UNIL (premier or première assistant·e, maître assistant·e, lecturer, SNSF researcher, MER, etc.), ACIDUL can help if you are facing issues with the supervision of your PhD, moral or sexual harassment, if you have questions concerning your employment contract, residence permit, unemployment benefits, maternity or paternity leave, etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail (, by phone (077 402 21 94) or by filling in this form. All enquiries will be treated confidentially by ACIDUL’s general secretary.

Are you experiencing financial hardship as a PhD student? Struggling to pay your bills?

ACIDUL can offer punctual support once per academic year (1st August-31st July), for a maximum of 750 francs. Rules and conditions for this support can be found here. To apply, please send us an email ( explaining your situation and the amount you need, with proof of your immatriculation as a PhD student at UNIL.

The following resources at UNIL are also available:

Help l UNIL
UNIL’s anti-harassment and anti-discrimination service listens, accompanies and offers support to people who have experienced harassment or discrimination on campus. People who are specialised in different kinds of discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.) as well as in harassment offer advice in complete confidentiality. A report form also allows you to report any type of abuse, anonymously or not.

Bureau de l’égalité
Here you will find information on UNIL’s commitment to gender equality, LGBTIQ+ rights, the university’s fight against racism, sexual harassment, etc.

Graduate Campus
This service is intended for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and their supervisors. It offers workshops specifically designed to strengthen your skills during your stay at UNIL, as well as a listening ear and individual consultations on the topics of the doctorate, career and supervision. The Graduate Campus provides you with guidance and support in the case of doubts, conflicts, or career-related questions.

Social Affairs and Student Mobility Office (SASME)
On the SASME’s website, you will find information about housing, financial support for doctoral students, international mobility, and psychotherapy consultations (available for doctoral students only).

Service d’orientation et carrières (SOC)
On the SOC’s website, you will find information about regulations, doctoral programmes, thesis agreements, etc. as regards doctoral studies at UNIL, as well as information on French courses.

Human Resources (SRH)
On the SRH’s website, information can be found regarding residence permits, cahier des charges, work certificates (certificats de travail), tax returns, maternity and paternity leaves, salary scales, etc.

The Public Services Union (SSP/VPOD) can also support you if you are facing problems at your workplace (contract, harassment, discrimination, etc.). Please note that you need to be a member of the union in order to benefit from its support.