Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits if I participate in SWISS100 ?

There is no financial compensation for participation in SWISS100. However, participation is often considered interesting and/or enjoyable by our former participants. They frequently report that they enjoy sharing their life experiences with our interviewers. From a wider perspective, participation will be beneficial to advance research and social policies related to the challenges at a very old age.

Who are eligible to participate ?

Phone interview (Study 1): Centenarians from all cantons in Switzerland are eligible to participate. We will also invite someone close to the participating centenarian to share their perspective.

In-person meetings (Study 2): These will be conducted in 2021, and centenarians from some selected cantons (BE, BS, GE, TI, VD and ZH) can participate. As in the phone interview, we will also ask for someone close to the centenarian to participate in some meetings.

Is this study confidential ?

Yes. SWISS100 respects all data confidentiality principles and complies with all legal requirements. Also, the study was approved by the Ethical Commission in Human Research. This means that all information will be kept strictly confidential and the results of the study will be used for research purposes only. The data is and will remain anonymous. It will be impossible for anyone to identify the participants from the study results.

I received an invitation letter for SWISS100, why ?

Given the national importance of our study, the Federal Statistical Office provided SWISS100 with a list of contact details of centenarians in Switzerland. You are one of the randomly selected participants from all over Switzerland. That’s why we sent you the invitation letter.

Who are the interviewers and how can I identify them ?

Telephone meetings (study 1): interviewers will identify themselves to you by name over the phone.

In-person meetings (study 2): interviewers will identify themselves to you by badge.

They are well-trained professionals and will never ask you for sensitive information such as your bank account number. You will receive more information and a photo of the interviewer who will contact you with the invitation letter and flyer.

What are the differences between phone interviews (Study 1) and in-person meetings (Study 2) ?

Our phone interviews (Study 1) include all the Swiss cantons and will last around 20 minutes. The goal is to obtain not only a general overview on Swiss centenarians’ health and wellbeing, but also on how the coronavirus pandemic may affect their everyday lives.

However, the in-person meetings (Study 2) will only include a few selected cantons (BE, BS, GE, TI, VD and ZH). Each meeting will last around 90 minutes. In addition, a family member or someone close to the centenarian will also be invited to participate. The goal of this second study is to understand more deeply the specific characteristics, challenges and needs of Swiss centenarians. For more information, please visit Project description.

Why do we ask someone close to the centenarian to participate ?

Participation of a family member, a caretaker, or someone otherwise close to the centenarian will allow us to learn about their perspective on the challenges of life at 100, and the implications on people that are close to the centenarian.

Who should I contact for further questions ?

For further questions, please send an email to