Swiss Centenarians, Secrets of Longevity

Television appearance Daniela Jopp, 31/08/2020

Switzerland has more than 1600 centenarians, two times more than in the year 2000…

I’m old… and my parents even more so!

Television appearance Daniela Jopp, 09/06/2018

Our parents are becoming older. At 60, it is no longer an exception to have to take care of them. Retired adults are simultaneously confronted to the care for their parents, their own health, or even the loss of their partner.

Living until 130?

Television appearance Daniela Jopp, 04/03/2016

Today, it is no longer rare to live until 100. With advances in medicine, can these centenarians project a future? What is the daily life of a centenarian like? How does one deal with the loss of physical capacity?