For Centenarians and their family and friends

In our study, we would not only like to talk to the centenarians, but also to someone who knows the centenarian very well, and is involved in caring for the centenarian, for example a family member or a friend. This will allow us to learn about their perspective on the challenges of life at 100, and the implications on the family. We would like to have regular contact, in person or on the phone, for collecting information about potential changes.

If you are a centenarian, or you have a centenarian in your family, we would love to get in touch with you regarding our study ! You can download the flyer for the Phone Interview below. You can also write to us at

Telephone Study

In 2020 and 2021, we are conducting a first study inviting centenarians from all over Switzerland for a short phone interview. Given the public importance of our study, the Federal Statistical Office provided us with address information of centenarians in Switzerland. From this list we will randomly select up to 20 centenarians from each canton and invite them to talk to us about their life situation on the phone. We also would like to learn how Swiss centenarians feel about the corona virus and its implications.



In-Person Study

Starting 2022, in-person meetings will be conducted with centenarians from 3 different language regions in Switzerland (cantons BE, BS, GE, TI, VD, ZH). This will entail two meetings, which we conduct at a place and time at the participants’ convenience. We will ask questions about basic characteristics, such as education and living situation, health, social relations and wellbeing. If possible, we would like to schedule regular follow-up meeting to learn about any changes that happened in the meantime.

All CH is eligible for the telephone study. The red cantons are eligible for in-person studies as well.