Apparatuses for rock mechanics testing

Rock mechanics testing is fundamental for rock mechanics and engineering, referring to understanding the behavior of rocks under different conditions. In this context, the Risk Group has purchased a series of apparatuses for rock mechanics testing.

For specimen preparation:

  • Drilling Machine (T0 70-EL) is specifically used in the laboratory for cutting core samples from hard materials such as rock and concrete.
  • Laboratory Core Trimmer machine (32-D0528/A) is used for the preparation of rock specimens for strength and deformation testing from block samples or from drill core obtained in the field.
  • Universal Saw (55-C0210/D), completed with the suitable accessory, can be used to cut concrete/rock cores and irregular rock samples in order to obtain geometrically defined samples.

For mechanical test:

  • Compression Frame (C56Z00) with a capacity of 3000 kN provides compression.
  • Compression Test Device (32-D9035) is used for uniaxial compression of rock core specimens with diameters from 54.7 mm (NX) to 63.5 mm (HQ) conforming to ASTM D7012.
  • Hoek Cells (32-D055X/HC) for triaxial test on a rock sample.
  • Splitting Tensile Test Device (50-C9000/A) is used for splitting tensile tests on cylindrical specimens.
  • Flexural Test Device (50-C9010/C) is used for centre and third point test on rock beams.

In addition to the above apparatuses, the Risk Group also prepared various machines to meet the requirements of related research, such as Temperature Humidity Test Chamber (TH-225B), Specimen Grinding Machine (55-C0202), and so on. These apparatuses are extremely important for Risk Group’s future research.