Vertical Geoscience Conference 2023 (VCG)

Thursday 21st September and Friday 22nd September took place the 5th VGC conference at Dresden (Germany). Anindita Samsu, Marc-Henri Derron, Antonin Chalé and Charlotte Wolff had the opportunity to join the conference.


Charlotte Wolff : From measured radar LOS displacement to real displacement: Case study of Cima del Simano (Switzerland), oral presentation

Antonin Chalé : Semi-automatic discontinuity detection using density in point cloud data, poster.

That was also the opportunity to visit the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Freiberg and to have a demonstration of the state of the art of hyperspectral remote sensing for geology.

And finally, the University of Lausanne has the chance to be the host for the next VGC conference in two years !