Amalia Gutiérrez: Geological, geometrical and statistical analysis of landslides and rockfalls listed in Ticino during the last 20 years

Carlota Amalia Gutiérrez

After finishing my bachelor’s and license degree in geology at the University of Costa Rica, I decided to move to Lausanne to continue my higher education by pursuing a master’s degree in geological risks. I integrated the RISK analysis group of the ISTE, at UNIL last September. With a background in geology and having previously worked with landslide inventories, I will study the StorMe inventory of Ticino, focusing mainly on gravitational movements (rockfall, landslides, flows and avalanches) using geological, geospatial and geometrical data and statistical analysis tools and methods.

Starting date : September 2020

Directors : Andrea Pedrazzini, Michel Jaboyedoff and Marc-Henri Derron

Publications, projects and abstracts :

  • Abstract for EGU 2021 : Preliminary statistical analysis of the Ticino landslide inventory by A. Gutiérrez et al.

Links : UNIL, LinkedIn, Research gate

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