XIV IAEG Congress 2023

Our team participated in the 14th IAEG Congress in Chengdu. The conference centered on discussions about global climate change, geological disaster assessment and prevention, geotechnical characteristics of rock and soil bodies, transportation, energy, urban and marine engineering geology, ecological and environmental protection in major engineering projects, and new theories and technologies in geological engineering. Prof. Michel Jaboyedoff and Ph.D. students also made presentations, with the report titles as follows. We look forward to transforming the insights gained from this conference into motivation and inspiration for our future research.

Abstract Title:

  • Michel Jaboyedoff, Line of Energy and Distribution of Rockfall Travel Distances Using Inverse Gaussian Distribution and Other Examples [Invited]
  • Fengchang Bu, Evaluation of Tested and Simulated Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Rocks
  • Zenan Huo, High-Performance Material Point Method Solver in Julia Language
  • Shobhana Lakhera, Preliminary Assessment of Displacement in Joshimath Town, from the Perspective of Deep-Seated Landslides
  • Ruoshen Lin, Travel Distance Prediction for Rock Avalanche Based on Machine Learning

Memories in Chengdu