2024 – Spring

Sweet Fair

Author: Claire Trotti

Candy floss all around, joyful melodies
We were moving in a colourful crowd
Our eyes shining like the yellow lights
Our hearts beating faster than the music.

I found him cool, cause he had a skateboard
I think we all did
So I was surprised when he asked me out
I said yes, I wanted to try churros !

He first took me to the ghost train
When he offered me his hand,
I held it to reassure him
I’ve known worse ghosts !

We laughed at children in their bumper cars
Made fun at the bashful lovers in the big wheel
Thinking we were too old to be like these kids
And old enough to copy the sweethearts

When the moon rose, he offered me churros
Sweet and greasy in their golden packaging
They were warm and comforting
Crunchy and soft at the same time

Then I looked into his eyes
He broke the distance
It was fast, soft, wet, and sweet
Then we just hugged.

Every time I taste churros
I remember his sweet kiss
My innocent joy, our delicious embrace
Of two kids discovering love.

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