2024 – Spring

Blooming Sea

Author: Sabine Weyermann

As Adichie says: “your hands through
each other’s hair, his soft and yellow 
like the swinging tassels of growing corn.”

… and there are the hidden ladybirds on your arm,
the bumblebee, lost in wild flowers,
the quiet joy in your laugh.

The softness of the yarn on your shoulders,
and those ones over me, moving like tidal waves,
before I see the impact of water crashing
in your eyes. 

There is light, and there is Spring,
I hear the horses at the station for the first time,
it makes me grin, a fragment of you in my life, 
that cannot be withdrawn.

I smile, I kiss you goodbye, as it is stolen, too few,
but there, I smile, still full of that shock darkening
your eyes,
at that very moment the surge broke on the rocks, 
and I’m wishing you good night.

…but my hand in your hair says
Stay, let us navigate the rising tide again.

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