Quantitative MR Imaging (qMRI) of the in vivo fetal brain

Description: In combination with the planned advancement of fetal T2-w and diffusion MR imaging described above, we aim at developing new quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (qMRI) sequences for T1 and T2 mapping of the fetal brain. QMRI has proven its ability not only to depict brain maturation but also abnormal patterns and developmental schemes in preterm and at-term newborns. The possibility to image these quantitative characteristics in utero would be a major breakthrough in fetal MRI. In this research project, we will combine our SR framework with fast qMRI acquisition schemes tailored to deal with fetal motion. This research is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (205321_182602 and 205321_141283).

Investigators: Hélène Lajous (UNIL), Hamza Kebiri (UNIL), Priscille de Dumast (UNIL), Meritxell Bach Cuadra (UNIL)

Collaborators: Jean Batiste Ledoux (CHUV), Christopher W. Roy (CHUV), Matthias Stuber (CHUV), Ruud Van Heeswijk (CHUV), Dr. S. Tourbier (Radiology Department CHUV), Prof. P. Hagmann (Radiology Department CHUV), Prof. R. Meuli (Radiology Department CHUV), T. Yu (EPFL), Prof. J.-Ph. Thiran (EPFL), Dr. T. Hilbert (Siemens Healthcare), Dr. D. Piccini (Siemens Healthcare), Dr. T. Kober (Siemens Healthcare)