Super-resolution reconstruction of in vivo brain diffusion MRI

Description: The assessment of in vivo fetal brain maturation is not only linked to morphology but also to physiological processes, thus the underlying microstructural changes need also to be imaged. Diffusion MRI (dMRI) allows to depict the underlying tissue microstructure but it suffers from a coarse spatial resolution. A major research topic is to develop a super-resolution framework encompassing image artefact correction, motion estimation and dMRI reconstruction. Our work will include spherical harmonics (SH) representation of the signal with spatial-angular regularization and single-volume SR strategies with machine learning-based algorithms. This research is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (205321_182602 and 205321_141283).

Investigators: Hamza Kebiri (UNIL), Priscille de Dumast (UNIL), Hélène Lajous (UNIL), Meritxell Bach Cuadra (UNIL)

Collaborators: Dr. Y. Alemán-Gómez (Radiology Department CHUV), Dr. S. Tourbier (Radiology Department CHUV), Prof. P. Hagmann (Radiology Department CHUV), Prof. P. Maeder (Radiology Department CHUV), Dr V. Dunet (Radiology Department CHUV), Dr. M. Koob (Radiology Department CHUV), Prof. R. Meuli (Radiology Department CHUV), T. Yu (EPFL), Prof. J.Ph. Thiran (EPFL), Dr. A. Jakab (Kinderspital Zürich)