Probabilistic atlas of thalamic nuclei

We provide a digital imaging-based probabilistic atlas of the anatomical thalamic subparts built from a 70 healthy controls. To this end, we first segmented a subset of 70 subjects from the Human Connectome Project data using previously proposed ODF-based thalamic clustering. From the obtained parcellations, we then constructed the atlas of each nuclei and finally, by calculating the respective mutual template, we transformed the outcome to the MNI (Montreal Neurological Institute) space.

Atlas construction and example of use is described in the paper by Najdenovska, E., Alemán-Gómez, Y., Battistella, G. et al. In-vivo probabilistic atlas of human thalamic nuclei based on diffusion- weighted magnetic resonance imaging. Sci Data 5, 180270 (2018).

Download atlas data @Zenodo.