Selected talks from abstracts

Paris Jafari
“Deleterious effects of metabolites accumulating in methylmalonic aciduria and glutaric aciduria type I on competent rat 3D primary reaggregated brain”

Sonia Domingos-Pereira
“Intravaginal TLR agonists increase local vaccine-specific CD8 T-cells and human papillomavirus-associated genital-tumor regression in mice”

Caroline Kizilyaprak
“Optimization of biological sample preparation for 3-D electron microscopy”

Vincent Croset
Molecular and neuronal organisation of Ionotropic Receptor (IR) taste pathways in Drosophila larva”

Emanuele Scacchi
“Positional Information by Differential Endocytosis Splits Auxin Response to Drive Arabidopsis Root Meristem Growth”