D.Day 2008

Program D.Day 2008

8:30  Registrations and mounting of posters  
9:00  “Proteomic: myths and reality”. Professor Denis Hochstrasser, HUG Genève
10:00  Poster session (odd number) around coffee and croissants
11:00   “How flies smell: the molecular biology of Drosophila olfaction”. Professor Richard Benton, CIG, UNIL
12:00  Lunch
13:45   Meet the neighbors : selected talks from abstracts
14:45   Poster session (even number)
15:45   “The neurosciences of love”. Doctor Andreas Bartels, Max Planck Institute For Cybernetics, Tübingen
17:00  Poster Awards and apéritif


Meet the neighbors : selected talks from abstracts

  • “Loss of Egg Yolk Genes in Mammals and the Origin of Lactation and Placentation”, David Brawand
  • “Study of HFR1 a bHLH class transcription factors during light regulated gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana”, Patricia Hornitschek
  • “E7-specific CD8 T cell immune responses in the genital mucosa of mice vaccinated against HPV-16 and cervical cancer”, Loane Decrausaz


Committee 2008

Emanuela Frangipani (DMF)
Godefroy Devevey (DEE)
Sara Tocchetti (LAU)
Mariza Freire
Robin Tecon (DMF)
Karine Lapouge (DMF)
Alexandre Panchaud (DMF)
Claire Bertelli (IMUL)
François Collyn (IMUL)
Nayuta Brand (DEE)
Julien Roux (DEE)
Romain Studer (DEE)