The Translational Magnetic Resonance Research Center group and friends in spring 2023. From left to right: Giulia Rossi, Pauline Calarnou, Jérôme Yerly, Pauline Gut, Adèle Mackowiak, Eleonora Fornari, Ludovica Romanin, Augustin Ogier, Matthias Stuber, Christopher Roy, Katerina Eyre, Ruud van Heeswijk, Isabel Montón Quesada, Justin Baraboo, Robin Ferincz, Cyril Tous, Jana Zhang and Hélène Lajous.

Current Group Members

Click on one of the portraits of the current group members below for a small biography and contact information.

Matthias Stuber
Full professor
Head of group

Ruud van Heeswijk
Senior lecturer
Principal Investigator

Christopher Roy
Principal investigator

Eleonora Fornari
Senior scientist
Project leader

Jérôme Yerly
Senior scientist
Project leader

Aurélien Bustin
Principal Investigator

Rob Holtackers
Visiting assistant professor
Augustin Ogier
Postdoctoral fellow

Cyril Tous
Postdoctoral fellow

Adèle Mackowiak
PhD student

Ludovica Romanin
PhD student
Industrial partner

Xavier Sieber
PhD student

Pauline Calarnou
PhD student

Robin Ferincz
PhD student

Pauline Gut
PhD student

Isabel Montón Quesada
PhD student

Jana Zhang
PhD student

Efena Akporeha
PhD student

Martin Nicoletti
PhD student

Affiliated Group Members

Scientists who are associated with a PI outside our group, but are nevertheless well-integrated in the group.

Chantal Rohner – head MR technician

Jean-Baptiste Ledoux – head technician for MR research

Benedetta Franceschiello – Research scientist on dynamic MR of the eye (with Micah Murray, CHUV)

Hélène Lajous – Postdoc on fetal parametric mapping (with Meritxell Bach-Cuadra, CIBM)


Mario Bacher – PhD Student & Industrial partner 2018-2022

Solange Denervaud – Postdoctoral fellow 2021-2023

Bastien Milani – Postdoctoral fellow 2018 -2023

Davide Piccini – Industrial partner & project leader 2011-2023

Giulia Rossi – PhD student 2019-2023

Mariana Falcão – PhD student 2019-2023

Simone Rumac – PhD student 2019-2022

Jessica Bastiaansen – Postdoctoral fellow & lecturer 2014-2021, now: University of Bern

Nemanja Masala – PhD student 2017-2021

John Heerfordt – PhD student 2017-2021

Lorenzo Di Sopra – PhD student 2016-2020

Emeline Darçot – PhD student 2014-2019, now: CHUV

Veronica Bianchi – PhD student 2017-2018, now: R4P

Roberto Colotti – PhD student 2014-2018, now: UNIL

Jean Delacoste – PhD student 2012-2017, now: OFSP/BAG

Andrew Coristine – PhD student & postdoc 2011-2017, now: GE Healthcare

Marijana Mionic – Postdoctoral fellow 2013-2017, now: Oerlikon Balzers

Jérôme Chaptinel – PhD student 2011-2016, now: CHUV

Hélène Feliciano – PhD student 2011-2016, now: Keranova

Giulia Ginami – PhD student 2013-2016, now: Siemens Healthineers

Gabriele Bonanno – PhD student 2010-2015, now: Siemens Healthcare

Simone Coppo – PhD student 2010-2015, now: Itecor