Our Research

Through research, discovery and advanced engineering methods, the CHUV-UNIL-CIBM team in Lausanne aims at shifting paradigms and pushing the envelope of magnetic resonance imaging. In collaboration with medical professionals, these new methods are translated to the patient setting for improved diagnosis and therapy.


Our award-winning free-running framework improves ease-of-use and time efficiency of cardiovascular MR and simultaneously reduces operator dependency to one single mouse click. This will help disseminate this non-invasive and safe technology beyond academic centers with highly trained personnel.  


Detailed structural imaging of human anatomy, precise and accurate quantitative characterization of tissue properties, and our distinguished fluorine-19 inflammation mapping methodology will help ensure that we get the right results in every patient, every single time, and everywhere.


Through collaborations with other world-leading centers, we can accelerate the tempo of our research and translation, we gain additional knowledge through student exchanges, we enable research of others as much as they enable ours, and dissemination of Lausanne technology on a global scale is facilitated. Partner institutions include: The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, Emory University Atlanta, Northwestern University Chicago, Medical University of South Carolina, Mie University Japan, LIRYC and University of Bordeaux, Charité Berlin, Universität Basel, Karolinska Institutet, UCLA, Mount Sinai, Gdansk University, the University of Glasgow, and Johns Hopkins University.