Pauline Gut

Department of Radiology
Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)
Rue de Bugnon 46, BH07.084
1011 Lausanne, Switzerland

Pauline Gut is a PhD student at the CHUV-UNIL Translational Magnetic Resonance Research Center since April 2022. She works under the supervision of Dr. Aurélien Bustin on the development of cardiac MRI acquisition methods with pacemakers and on the implementation of deep learning frameworks in cardiac image reconstruction. She works in close collaboration with the LIRYC (Electrophysiology and Heart Modeling Institute) in Bordeaux, France.

She obtained her Master’s degree in Physics from ETH Zürich, Switzerland, in 2020. For her master thesis, she worked at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland, at the Center for Proton Therapy (CPT). She was interested in finding the best strategy for the treatment of moving tumors, such as lung or liver tumors, by proton therapy. In 2020, she started a PhD in Neuroscience at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, in the Department of Health Sciences and Technology. She was interested in finding the best rehabilitation strategy to recover locomotor function after a spinal cord injury.

In her free time, she enjoys surfing, swimming, hiking and painting.