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Congratulations to Clément Labadie on his successful PhD defense!

Clément Labadie defended his PhD thesis “Essays on Data Democratization and Protection in the Data-driven Enterprise” on July 13, 2021.

Members of the jury were Prof. Christine Legner as supervisor, Prof. Michalis Vlachos as internal expert, Prof. Öykü Isik (IMD) and Prof. Felix Wortmann (University of St. Gallen) as external experts, and Prof. Felicitas Morhart as president of the jury.

Abstract of the thesis:
In the data-driven enterprise, large quantities of data are automatically processed to detect patterns, generate insights, and fuel business processes and business models alike. However, enterprises striving to become data-driven face multiple challenges. First, while a broadening audience of enterprise stakeholders need to work with data, they largely remain lodged in organizational and technical silos. Second, organizations must comply with strengthened data protection regulations to exploit personal data, which is key to successful data-driven business strategies. This dissertation explores the seemingly contradictory objectives of data protection compliance and increased data usage in enterprises. On the one hand, we investigate. enterprise data catalogs (EDC) as emerging platforms that support data democratization in the enterprise context. Based on insights from over 10 real-world EDC pilot projects in multi-national organizations, we identify emerging data-related roles and analyze how EDCs support their typical data needs and usages. On the other hand, we examine the interplay between data protection regulations and data processing practices, by linking compliance requirements to data management capabilities, embedded into a revisited data life cycle for personal data. In collating these two perspectives, we find that creating transparency on enterprise-wide data assets is a cornerstone of both data protection compliance and data democratization. Our contributions inform the redesign of data management practices and call attention to the need for diligent data documentation as essential building block of the conformable and democratized data-driven enterprise.

The entire team congratulates Clément on his successful PhD defense. We also thank him for the many contributions to the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) and for supporting the Bachelor course “Digital Business Processes & Enterprise Systems”.

Congratulations to Dana Naous on her successful PhD defense

Dana Naous defended her PhD thesis “Understanding User Perceptions and Preferences for Mass-Market Information Systems – Leveraging Market Research Techniques and Examples in Privacy-Aware Design” on October 30, 2020.

Members of the jury were Prof. Christine Legner as supervisor, Prof. Kevin Huguenin as internal expert, Prof. Hanna Krasnova (University of Potsdam) as external expert and Prof. Felicitas Morhart as vice-dean and president of the jury.

Abstract of the thesis:
With cloud and mobile computing, a new category of software products emerges as mass-market information systems (IS) that addresses distributed and heterogeneous end-users. Understanding user requirements and the factors that drive user adoption are crucial for successful design of such systems. Existing IS theories and models contribute to a theoretical understanding of the adoption and use of IS in mass-markets, however they are criticized for not being able to drive actionable insights on IS design as they consider the IT artifact as a black-box. We argue that IS needs to embrace market research techniques to understand and empirically assess user preferences and perceptions in order to integrate the “voice of the customer” in a mass-market scenario. We aim at supporting the design of mass-market IS by establishing a reliable understanding of consumer’s preferences for multiple factors combing functional, non-functional and economic aspects. We apply our findings to the privacy-aware design of mass-market IS and evaluate their implications on user adoption.

The entire team congratulates Dana on his successful PhD defense. We also thank her for her excellent support of the Master course “Analysis, Modeling and Design in IS”.

Matthieu Harbich joined the CC CDQ research team

We welcome Matthieu Harbich as new researcher in our team!

Matthieu received his M.Sc. in Information Systems at the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC), University of Lausanne. Previously, he worked at the Kudelski Group as a Data Scientist intern. His Master’s thesis suggested a generative clustering algorithm to understand customer’s behaviors in the Pay-TV industry and reduce churn. He completed his B.Sc. in Media engineering at the HES-SO with a Bachelor’s thesis on building and designing a web-based interactive video editing product, based on an open-source JS library written for this purpose.

Matthieu is currently working in the CTI project “Open Data to Business – Data App Store for the discovery, integration and use of open data in business environments”. Its aim is to link heterogeneous open datasets in a knowledge graph to increase quality and trust and to unlock the potential of open data for companies.

Congratulations to Kenny Lienhard on his successful PhD defense!

On December 5, Kenny Lienhard successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Routines in Patient Care: Essays on the Design and Use of the Information Technology Artifact”. Members of the jury were Prof. Christine Legner as supervisor, Prof. Mauro Cherubini as internal expert, Prof. Tobias Mettler (IDHEAP) and Prof. Albert Boonstra (University of Groningen) as external expert, and Prof. Olivier Cadot as president of the jury. Kenny’s dissertation comprises 6 essays, thereof 5 published conference articles (among them 1 x ECIS and 2 x ICIS) as well as 1 manuscript for an IS journal.

The BISA team congratulates Kenny on his successful PhD defense!

Three papers presented at the European Conference on Information Systems

Dana Naous, Kenny Lienhard, Johannes Schwarz and Christine Legner attended the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) which was held from June 5th to 10th in Guimarães, Portugal.

They presented three full papers co-authored by BISA team members:

ECIS is the most prestigious European conference in the Information Systems discipline, and provides a forum for networking and sharing of latest ideas and highest calibre scientific work amongst the IS profession. The ECIS Conference Proceedings are available for download in the AIS Electronic Library.


Extended research team for CC CDQ – two open PhD positions in 2017!

We are extending our research team in the
Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ)  and are hiring two PhD students (100% contract, starting data in 2017)

The Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) is an industry-funded research consortium and expert community for corporate data management. CC CDQ comprises researchers affiliated with the Universities of Lausanne and St. Gallen and data management experts from more than 15 companies (ABB, Beiersdorf, Bosch, Nestlé, Otto, SBB, Siemens etc.).

CC CDQ’s research agenda focusses on data management for the digital age and the following topics:

  • Digitalization and future data management
  • End-to-end information supply chains
  • Open data and data-driven services
  • Collaborative data management, semantic integration and linked data

The PhD candidates will be supervised by Prof. Christine Legner and work in CC CDQ’s research team . They will be employed at HEC Lausanne with a competitive salary. Employment rate is 100% and maximum contract duration is five years. Starting date is negotiable between February 2017 and September 2017.

Desired qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in Information Systems, Computer Science or related field
  • Strong interest in one or more of the following topics: data-driven services and business models, business intelligence and analytics, enterprise / data architecture, data modeling and semantic technologies, open and linked data
  • Relevant internships and/or practical experience (e.g. as consultant, business analyst or data architect)
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills
  • Good writing skills and fluency in English; German or French are a plus

HEC Lausanne is one of the leading European business schools, ranked in the top 30 institutions in the world by the Financial Times. The school received the AMBA and EQUIS accreditations for the overall quality of its programs, research, and teaching. It is situated at the shores of the lake of Geneva in one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. An excellent public transport network links the university campus in just a few minutes to Lausanne, the capital of Vaud, noted for its varied cultural activities.

Informal inquiries and how to apply:
For any inquiry about the PhD positions, please contact Prof. Christine Legner: or +41 21 692 3432.

Applicants should submit their Curriculum Vitae, their university transcripts (bachelor and master level) and an electronic version of a recent research project (e.g. master thesis, scientific publication) by e-mail.

Job announcement: pdf

Related information:
Competence Center CDQ
HEC Lausanne,
Prof. Christine Legner,


Clément Labadie joins the BISA team as doctoral researcher

On March 1, 2016 Clément Labadie joined the BISA team as doctoral researcher.

Clément received a Bachelor of Law from the University of Neuchâtel as well as a Master of Law in Legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies from the University of Lausanne. He conducted his master thesis on the topic of credit card fraud, using a forensic crime analysis approach to study security measures and their effectiveness.

Clément is working in the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality. His research interests relate to integrating security and privacy concerns into corporate data architecture.

Open PhD positions in the BISA Research Lab

Starting early 2016, we have 2-3 open positions for research assistants (100%) in the Business Information Systems & Architecture (BISA) Research Lab.

Research assistants will work in close collaboration with industry partners on research projects related to one of the following topics:

  • Digital Transformation and the Future Workplace
  • Corporate Data Management in the Era of Big Data and Internet of Things
  • Enterprise Architecture Design and Strategic IT Planning

They will complete their PhD thesis in the doctoral program in Information Systems at HEC Lausanne. They will also be involved in teaching activities and support Bachelor / Master courses in information systems.

Starting date is between February and October 2016 and can be negotiated depending on the availability of the candidates.

What are the requirements?

Candidates should have a Master’s degree in Information Systems or related field and be willing to complete a doctoral thesis in one of the aforementioned research areas.

Further requirements are:

  • Knowledge and interest in business information systems and have experience with Web, mobile and/or database technologies,
  • Strong interest in designing innovative IT solutions for business and in conducting fieldwork inside organisations,
  • Fluency in English and French (some teaching responsibilities are in French); German is a plus,
  • Related practical experience and/or internships,
  • Good analytical and communication skills.

Why doing a PhD?

A PhD provides you with excellent career opportunities in academia and industry, as demonstrated by our alumnis.

Need more information?

Please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Christine Legner ( for any further information about these positions.

More information on HEC’s PhD Program in Information Systems and the admission criteria:

Dana Naous joins the BISA team as doctoral researcher

On November 1, Dana Naous joined the BISA team as doctoral researcher. She completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Communication in the American University of Beirut (Lebanon) and a Master of Science in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship in EPFL. She also worked at Philip Morris International for her Master thesis on “developing strategies towards a digital workplace”.

She currently works on the SNF-funded research project “Don’t Guess, Simulate”. The goal is to study user preferences for cloud services, in order to support their user-oriented design, using marketing research techniques.

Congratulation to Kazem Haki on his successful PhD defense

KazemDefenseOn July 17, Kazem Haki successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Essays on the principles and adoption of enterprise-wide architecture”. Members of the jury were Prof. Yves Pigneur as internal expert, Prof. Stephan Aier (University of St. Gallen) and Prof. Alain Wegmann (EPFL) as external experts, and Prof. Joerg Dietz as president of the jury. Kazem Haki’s dissertation comprises 6 essays, thereof 4 published conference articles (ECIS, ICIS and TEAR) and 2 manuscripts for IS journals.

The BISA team congratulates Kazem on his successful PhD defense!