Former MSc Thesis


Pierre HUBER: From Auto Failing to Auto Filing: Automation of Document Processing in the Air Logistics Shipment Process,  Kuehne+Nagel


Arnaud LEBET: Toward a Data-Driven Product Portfolio: Design of a new Product Deletion Process, Victorinox

Anika HAQUE: Mise en place de tableaux de bord utilisables et pertinentes pour l’équipe de Controlling IT, Centrale de Compensation Confédération Suisse

Gabin FLOURAC: Developing and Operating Data Sharing Communities, CDQ AG

Maxime BAYLE: Data Quality Monitoring: Making Master Data Quality Information Available, Valuable and Transparent for Technical and Non-Technical Data Users, Lonza

Abirami RAGHUPATHY : Cloud-based Customer Analytics Service: Development Guide based on the Implementation of the Customer 360 Solution, Accenture

Joël KUFLOM: Design of a method that can guide the redesign of processes for Robotic Process Automation, Santander Private Bank

Sadek HELBAWI: Gestion de priorité et de facturation des tickets de support, Agentil

Abdul ALORAIB: Performer le processus de sélection d’une solution
numérique dans les organisations de l’économie sociale et solidaire, Eternitee

Bryan LAM: Implementation of a Semantic MediaWiki knowledge base using a user-centric approach, CDQ AG

François GRAU: A comprehensive literature review on Big Data Quality, academic thesis


Cyrill OSWALD: Affordances, constraints & misfits of a qualification management system, Merck

Alexandre TRAN: Implementation of a Semantic MediaWiki knowledge base using a user-centric approach, CDQ AG

Sami BOUZERDAEvaluation de I’intégration de I’analyse de la valeur dans le domaine de la business analysis, Soleus

Tarik BACHAOn building holistic customer journey maps using process mining, PMI

Simona ONCIOIUImproving the Reporting Process at Liebherr Machines Bulle, Liebherr Machines Bulle

Baptiste CECCONI: Modélisation et suivi de la politique numérique de l’Etat de Genève, Office Cantonal des Systèmes d’Information et du Numérique (OCSIN) – Canton de Geneve

Dmitri KUZMINUsing Open Statistical Data for Customer Targeting and Segmentation, academic thesis


Lev Velykoivanenko: Improving data matching process with the help of machine learning, academic thesis


Nicolas BALESTRA: A Canvas for AI Implementation within ERP, Avanade

Pavel KRASIKOV: Contextual data quality as inhibitor of data-driven decision making – From problem awareness to solution approaches, PMI

Dylan BELGY: Assessment of the maturity of IBM regarding the implementation of GDPR, IBM

Dani SLEIMAN: Towards Data-driven Decision Making:
Data Warehousing as part of the Data Management Initiative at the Workplace Experience Department of Philip Morris International, PMI

Nicolas ETIENNE: A real-time learning analytics dashboard for business simulation game instructors, academic thesis

Fatou CEESAY: Managing data in the customer domain: a taxonomy of challenges, academic thesis

Almina JONUZOSKI: Open Data for Marketing, academic thesis


Lama EL ZEIN: Designing a Data Governance Platform for an international company, PMI

Loris BERTHIER: The challenges of a hospital without paper:
Design principles in the development towards digital, Hôpital Riviera Chablais (HRC)

Laurent TISSOT: A framework for centralization / decentralization decisions in case of an ERP multi-site deployment, Avanade

Loïc DAUBRESSE: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Development of a taxonomy and assessment of software vendors’ solution coverage, KPMG

Axel FOURNIER: How can multinational companies increase the fit between business architecture and ERP architecture to avoid customisation, Avanade

Joël PINHEIRO DE ALMEIDA: Comment adapter une approche de documentation des architectures applicatives au sein d’une organisation, afin d’améliorer la visibilité des systèmes d’information? Ville de Lausanne

Timo OBRECHT: A conceptual framework for the preparation of an Open Data integration – exemplified by a case from the Open Corporate Data Domain, CDQ AG

Maxime PACHE: Use case documentation for a software product line
Artifact for variability outline and features reuse in a multi-tenant environment, AdNovum


Charles CARNET: How to support cross-functional collaborations to improve e-business processes?, Firmenich

Svetlana ERSHOVA: Mixed reality for marketing and sales, CHIC

Ronny DE BOTTON: Internal and external use of object identification standards: The case of GS1 global ID keys, L’Oreal

Rahel Brönnimann: Improved data quality at SBB infrastructure through a standardized material master data creation process – A bottom up approach, SBB

Sara Baracchini: Designing business processes for knowledge capture, formalization and transfer between the Application Adoption Factory and its interacting stakeholders, UBS

Romain Colombey: Managing reference data in multinational companies, Nestlé

Bryan Cornelius: Proposition of a Conversion Optimization Strategy for online category managers, eBay

Matthieu Meylan: Reimagine the audit procedure of system-generated information: Understand how technologies can bring new beneficial outcome, PwC

Maxime Blanco: Implementation of a system to maintain and manage lifecycle- and capacity-related information for planning purposes, Rolex

Enrico Pirola: State-of-art Enterprise Architecture Management: Confrontation between theory and practice, SAP

Matthieu HERMANN: Application mobile au servicedu don du sang – Recrutement et fidélisation des donneurs, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève

Valérianne WALTER: Towards a Method for Designing Digital Customer Journeys in a B2B Context, ETA

Nick MOSSELSMAN: Data-Centric Security and Persistent Usage Controls: A Scalable Approach To Unstructured Data Confidentiality Management, EY


Patrick LUIS: Challenges in Global Systems Implementation, Nestlé

Sébastien HAUSAMMANN: Designing Scenarios and Functions in the Smart Home Case

Tolgay BUDAYICI, A Development Process to Implement a Microservices Architecture-based Application, Rolex

Alexey KOLESNIKOV, Toward an Implementation Framework of Application Complexity Measurement in a Corporate Environment, Credit Suisse

Fabien CORNAZ: Certification (ISAE 3000) d’environnement de gestion et de stockage de documents électroniques –
Analyse et proposition de pistes d’améliorations à l’approche utilisée en entreprise, PwC

Yassine MANSRI: La transformation numérique dans l’industrie des médias: Etude de cas pratique d’une chaine de télévision

Shalini SHANMUGALINGAM: L’impact de la smart vending machine sur le commerce de détail, SAP

Marc STUDER, From an Internet to a Digital Workplace – Development of a Concept, Hilti

Julien BIEDERMANN, Design et développement d’un prototype d’application pour Smartwatches permettant d’étendre un CRM, ELCA

Ilir TAHIRI,  Operationalisation of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice by assessing stakeholders’ use of EA through use cases
– A backward operationalisation methodology, Deloitte


Jonas WIESEL, Leveraging Enterprise Architecture in a Consulting Practice, PwC

Zakrija SARIC,  Redesign of a Sales Incentives Program, Salt

Donjet QYTYKU, MBT en pratique: Le Model Based Testing au sein de la banque, Pictet

Yann MAILLARD, Les guidelines et adaptations pratiques du framework SCRUM, Cambridge Technology Partners

Jonas NICOLE, Analyse, conception et mise en place de solutions au niveau du test logiciel dans une entreprise de service, Cambridge Technology Partners

Sami BABAKER, The Integration of Sales Methods into a Structured Approach to Sales Performance Management, CTI project / HEC Lausanne

Indre KUTKAITE, Information Systems Success Measurement in an Intergovernmental Organization , International Trade Center

Giulia TONELLI, Understanding the Value of Social Media in Project Management, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG


Timothy ARNANDA, Towards Desiging a Cloud Architecture for Sales Planning and Performance Management, a Platform-as-a-Service Approach, University of Lausanne

Samuel DE CHASTENAY, Enterprise Mobility: Analyzing the Situation in the Swiss Market and Assessing Challenges & Opportunities for SAP Switzerland, SAP Switzerland

Boris MAYENCOURT, Automatisation des Tests de Régression d’un Logiciel de Taxation Assistée par Ordinateur, TI-Informatique

Etienne GAFNER, La Comptabilité de Gestion dans l’ERP: Défis et Opportunités pour les PME, Solvaxis

Goran STOJANVIC, Potential Solutions to Limit Shadow IT and Increase Data Quality: Case Study of the ICRC’s Contact Management System, International Committee of the Red Cross

Ferhat GUEZLANE, CloudSF: A Decision Support System for the Evaluation and Selection of Cloud Services Adapted for the Swiss Context, OCTO Technology

Grégory Andriamasy, Migration des Systèmes d’Information – Un modèle pour planifier le passage à l’état cible, Pictet


Amélie PIPOZ, Globalization Does Not Prevent Local Responsiveness: a Case Study at Nestlé, Nestlé

Christian SERY, A KPI Framework for Enterprise Architecture Management, University of Lausanne

Kenny LIENHARD, A Method to Design an Information Systems Architecture for the Complex Hospital Organization, Legon Informatik AG

Hazbi AVDIJI, Gift Card Architecture in a Global Integrated Luxury Retail System, Richemont International SA

Hillah NICO, Enterprise Architecture in SMEs, Vescore Solutions AG

Marc STERN, Recherche d’un axe marketing stratégique par l’étude des besoins des utilisateurs de solutions informatiques à destination de la gestion du patrimoine, TeamWork SA


Stefano ALACAM, A Model to Assess the IT General Controls of the Banking Sector in French Part of Switzerland, PwC

Laurent HAYOT, Cloud Computing, Assessing the Opportunities and Potential for an ERP Vendor, SAP Switzerland

Mohamed El Hedi EL-MECHAT, Operational risk management: Implementation of Internal Control System, Pictet


Julien THABARD, Mise en Place d’un SIRH dans une Structure Hospitalière, CHUV/PMU Lausanne